Oregon Farmers' Markets Association

The Oregon Farmers Market Association (OFMA) is an incorporated and registered 501(c)(6) non-profit organization with the primary purposes of promoting, supporting and helping establish Oregon farmers markets; providing services and educational assistance to market members; providing economic bridges between rural and urban communities.

Vision. Envision vibrant marketplaces where Oregon food finds its way onto Oregon tables increasing the rural-urban bond and bringing neighborhoods together by sharing our bountiful harvest and providing for the future of farms and families.

Mission. To sustain and promote Oregon farmers' markets while building community support and economic stability for Oregon's family farms, small food producers, processors and artisans.


DEFINE "Farmers' Market" and maintain the integrity of the name by supporting market standards of appropriate farmer representation while encouraging fresh locally grown in-season diversity of product to every farmers' market customer.

DEVELOP Strong Oregon farmers' markets and viable Oregon farms by providing guidance, resources, information, outreach opportunities, education, and direct-marketing skills to those seeking the opportunities of local community marketplaces.

SUPPORT Fair regulatory public policy representation affecting small farmers and producers through informed, experienced conference with governmental agencies including the Oregon legislature, Farm Direct Nutrition Programs, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and the Oregon State University Extension Programs.

PROMOTE Oregon farmers' and markets through a variety of marketing approaches to create sustainable direct-marketplaces, and to educate communities about the value of supporting locally grown and produced foods.

SUSTAIN the Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association as a vital, thriving voice for all farmers' markets' stakeholders.


Executive is comprised of the executive Board Members who work to develop the budget and financial plan for OFMA and maintain administrative, legal, strategic and financial records.

Issues & Advocacy advocates for farmers’ markets, their stakeholders, the farm-direct agriculturalists, and local food systems. It is tasked with identifying and understanding pertinent issues and developing relationships, strategic positions, and other activities that increase Association and its’ members viability and adaptability.  This committee focuses on occurrences and activities that may affect positively or negatively, the well-bring of our members and of the organization; development and procurement of educational materials for members and OFMA itself.

Membership focusus on membership support and benefits recruitment, development, training and education and/or outreach specifically supporting our greater mission of health, increased self-sufficiency, vitality and sustainability for farmers’ markets in their community and around the state. This committee draws in members - markets, farmers and non-voting associate members, as well as other market stakeholders and experts who might provide support for Association members in one-time projects or on-going functions.  The actual activities vary depending on the time and interests of the particular board member

Development leads the Board’s participation and guides the staff in the development of the long-term financial stability of Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association through    outreach, marketing and fundraising.

Promotions is tasked with developing marketing and promotion materials, strategies and campaigns, and other activities that increase Association visibility and viability.  This committee also focuses on activities that promote public awareness of our member markets; and the benefits of shopping for locally produced, healthy food and goods.

Finance is dedicated to financial management, budgeting and accounting for OFMA.