SNAP/Merchant Services
Farmers Markets


Wonder what a day as a market manager or board member will look like if you decide to take on a SNAP/Merchant Service program? There are a number of details that should be taken into consideration. Although every market performs differently, we will provide you an overview of a typical day and responsibilities.

I) Market Day Supplies

  • Receipt Box – for lost sales notes and paper receipts
  • Tokens - EBT/Debit -full (#50) and partial (zip lock bag with < #50)
  • Note cards– to record lost sales
  • Notebook - records, resources, and contacts
  • Large Envelope
  • Electronic Card Machine (carrying case,extra paper roll and fully charged)
  • Pack – for “cashier drawer”
  • Calculator, stapler, pen, etc.
  • Optional - Paper vouchers for SNAP in case network fails
  • Consider asking a bank for a "bank bag" for your vendors to hold all their tokens. Perhaps this exchange could turn into a sponsorship

II) Beginning of Market

  • Distribute Vendor Reimbursement Envelops to vendors
    (and checks if applicable)
  • Deliver previous week token collection to Market Cashier
  • Place box/backpack with full token receptacles in secure place
  • Turn on machine and prepare supplies
  • The machine needs to be on the cashier at all times

III) Promote Debit/SNAP SNAP Service in Market

  • Encourage volunteers and vendors to inform customers about the service
  • Post signage for customers
  • Announce the service if you have a announcement system

IV) Customer Purchase of Tokens

  • SNAP Transaction
    SNAP tokens can be any denomination but are typically $1 with no minimum purchase or surcharge to be used only at your market. No cash is given back. Refer to FNS eligible foods for purchase.

  • Debit/Credit Transaction
    Let the customer know there is a $1.50 convenience fee (if you choose to use this method) which is charged to support the merchant service program. This convenience fee goes directly into supporting the SNAP program and the farmers makret. Vendors can provide change in cash.

V) End of the Market Day

  • Follow the procedure for your machine to print and send a batch report
  • Print a batch report for your records and place in receipt box
  • Have Vendors count their tokens and fill in Vendor Reimbursement Forms
  • Collect Vendor Reimbursement Envelopes with tokens from each vendor

VI) Market Account Reconciliation

  • Refer to the Market Account Reconciliation (pdf) document which addresses: market day token reserves, risk management decisions, vendor token return form, market day transaction form, market day summary report, end of month statement reconciliation, and end of market season.

Click here for a Market Day SNAP/Merchant Serviced Preparation document that covers the topics above.

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